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When and how is a dissertation/thesis sent to the Dissertation Office?

Dissertations/theses are to be submitted to the Dissertation Office via email after the dissertation/thesis defense, and after the committee is satisfied with your final changes. Please have your program director (or dissertation chair in CEIS) send the final, approved PDF document to: dissertationoffice@2fitfashion.com, in addition to your signed signature page (as a separate PDF). Ask them to include your name, ID#, the program you are graduating from, and a statement that the document has been checked for plagiarism.


What are the student's responsibilities?

After the defense you need to do the following items:

  1. Make all changes and corrections in consultation with your committee.
  2. Ensure that your document conforms generally to the AU Standards for Written Work.
  3. Ask your program director/chair to send the final, approved PDF document and signature page to: dissertationoffice@2fitfashion.com.
  4. Upload your document to ProQuest/UMI (instructions).*
  5. Complete the JWL Submission Agreement Form (download) and email it to dissertationoffice@2fitfashion.com.


Deadlines for Submission to the Dissertation Office:

  Spring 2024 Graduation Summer 2024 Graduation
Dissertations April 4, 2024 July 4, 2024
Master's Theses April 11, 2024 July 11, 2024


What are the Dissertation Office's responsibilities?

Once your final copy has been submitted to the dissertation office, we do the following items:

  1.  Verify that your committee has checked the dissertation/thesis for plagiarism and has accepted all changes.
  2.  Verify that you have uploaded your dissertation/thesis to ProQuest.
  3.  Confirm that you have completed the JWL Submission Agreement Form; the dissertation office will then send it on to the library.
  4.  Sign the dissertation/thesis completion form and submit it to the records office for graduation.



Submitting Your Dissertation to ProQuest

Submission Agreement Form for the James White Library

The below documents provide helpful information for understanding acceptable formatting and writing styles. Check with your program for discipline-specific information.

Andrews University Standards for Written Work

Andrews University’s Formatting Rules


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*If you want a personal printed copy, please order it through ProQuest.

Please note: Before 2020, students were required to have copies printed for the university, and this was charged to their student accounts (5 for Seminary PhD/ThD students, 4 for College of Education PhD students, 4 for DNP students, 3 for all Master's theses). Personal copies were an additional expense. As of 2020, we no longer print theses/dissertations and the requirement that the student pay for print copies for the university is no longer in effect. If you graduated before 2020, your dissertation/thesis was printed and charged to your student account.